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“We will respond the hate with love. We will always honour our heroes.”

(Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister)


We are writing this post in the memory of the 77 people who died in the tragic event executed by Anders Breivik the last 22nd of July. We are writing in English because we want to share it with all our international and Norwegian colleagues.

In spite of the fact that this is a blog about digital narratives, we do not want to avoid talking about this tragedy. We have been living in Oslo for almost one month, so we want to talk about it. As Norwegian authorities say, there is no point in avoiding this event. We should talk and discuss about it.

We were really surprised when our teacher, Robert Vaagan, explained the tragedy in several lectures. In Spain, we have experienced similar attacks (more than once), but we rarely talk about them. And we really think that it makes a difference because thanks to that, people is aware of reality.

As we said in Inmersión, the Norwegian Police has proved that Anders Breivik used the videogame World of Warcraft to train himself and learn how to use guns. What are the risks of violent videogames? Can they really affect people’s mind?

Breivik posted on his Facebook profile his manifest, ‘2083: A European Declaration of Independence’. Almost everything is visible on Internet, but should the Police be able to see everything? It sounds like censorship.

Privacy and security are involved in this issue. But which one should prevail?

Where should be the limit between privacy and social security?